NeoFascism in Italy


You can not praise the sacrifice of yesterday, if you are not ready to tomorrow’s” B.Mussolini

It’s called the third way, the alternative to capitalism and communism. A lifestyle choice not to be classified only as an ideological revival. Italian extreme right are nazi-fascists, workers in the odor of socialism and ultras of the stadiums with their banners and chants racist gestures.Extreme right is a vast and varied skyline: parties, revolutionary groups, community centers, all formations that share the same pillar, nationalism with heavy racial intolerance. The fight against illegal immigration, often resulting in clashes and attacks organized.The percentage of supporters has grown significantly, especially among young people. In high schools the idealism of the left seems to have been dethroned from the pragmatism of the right: the reality, the facts, not words.The neo-Nazism in Italy is concentrated mainly in the north. The Veneto Front Skinheads is active since 1986 as a cultural association, organizes contests and exhibitions alongside rock-right parties.The values of neo-fascists are the defense of Italianity, family values, of Christianity, and especially social po

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